5 free things every business owner should do on LinkedIn

With over 400 million members worldwide, LinkedIn is a great place for business owners who want to connect and learn from people around the world. And it’s also a great place to reinforce your employer’s image and your awareness of your business.

The problem is that most business owners have thousands of other problems. You probably do not feel like you have time or you do not know where to start.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of five things that every business owner can do for free on LinkedIn. None of these steps take a lot of time and they can all help you create your own brand and that of your business.

1. Make your personal profile

The first step in LinkedIn’s mastery is to make sure your personal profile stands out from the others. After all, your LinkedIn profile is often one of the first things to see when people check your name online. You want your profile to make a good first impression.

Building an excellent LinkedIn profile begins with choosing the right profile picture, creating a clear mission statement in your title, as well as a summary and meaningful work history – with examples – that demonstrate your expertise. For a complete overview of creating an important LinkedIn profile, you can download this free eBook.

Big picture – you want a profile that reflects exactly who you are and what it is. Do not be generic – write it in a way that gives people an idea of ​​who you are.

2. Establish a business page that accurately reflects your brand

Once you have your own profile, it’s time to create a great business site for your business. For the same reasons, you also want a strong personal page: LinkedIn is a highly visited and user-friendly website for search engines. So you want a site that leaves a good impression.

This page will show you how to create a business page on LinkedIn. But the basics of creating a profile are very similar to the basics of creating a quality personal profile: you want a strong banner picture and a specific company description describing what makes your business and mission.

3. Post status updates and your own blog posts to start creating a sequence

Once your personal profile and the page of your business are ready, it’s time to move people to both and create a sequence. In fact, 2X subscribers respond more frequently to InMail than non-followers. Your subscribers are essentially a source of warm prospects. And the best way to create a sequence is to post status updates or a blog on LinkedIn.

Here are some good tips and some good examples to keep in mind when writing your status updates for your corporate website. Three good rules for writing status updates are:

Keep the professional. Yes, you need to highlight the brighter side of your business by posting photos of employees or exciting office parties – it’s great for the content. But avoid the things you avoid at work, mainly personal photos and certainly topics like religion or politics.
Publish what you know. If you are a real estate agent, post updates on real estate consulting. And the more you are specific to your target market, the better – if you are a real estate broker in Boise, Idaho, post on the Boise, Idaho real estate market. People can not do it elsewhere.
Aggregate the content is good. In other words, you do not have to write an article yourself to share it. Instead, share links from articles from other sites of interest to your audience and perhaps add one or two comments.
Another way to create a sequence is to create a blog on your own personal page, with good tips on what to write by the editor of LinkedIn. There is a lot of competition on LinkedIn, but it’s a rare opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands or even millions of people, and to interest you and your business.

4. Join relevant LinkedIn groups for connections and expertise

One of the best ways to use LinkedIn to build relationships and gain expertise in your industry is to join relevant LinkedIn groups. Regardless of your industry, it is almost certain that a number of active LinkedIn groups are integrated.

Join these groups. Most of the time, people in your industry use them to seek advice from others in the same industry. You can learn to read a lot because problems are often related to you. And you have the opportunity to share your own expertise.

In addition, these groups are an excellent way to communicate with people in your sector or with people working in related sectors. The bottom line is that these groups all have the same benefits as a group after work, regardless of what to wear.

5. Use InMails to build relationships

One of the best ways to reach new people is via InMail. An InMail LinkedIn is guaranteed to reach the person and is a professional way to start a new business relationship, instead of simply calling someone or receiving their email.

We write a lot about the best practices in InMailing, but here is the real key – personalized appointment. The worst thing to do is to copy and paste various e-mails because it destroys your brand.

Instead, only InMail, if you are really interested in starting a relationship with a specific person, and reflect it via InMail. If it sounds inviting, people like to respond and this could be the beginning of a long partnership.

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